1 on 1 Coaching Options to Help you Manage Your Health and Well Being



Build Habits for Long Term Success

As a partner with Precision, we utilize the same program they have used to change the lives of thousands of participants.

This 12 month platform allows you to develop skills and habits through practice that can transofrm your body and your life. For those with full time schedules, you can fit your coach in anytime that suits your day. Program lessons and workshops are delivered daily via your private account. Your coach will assess your answers, provide feedback regularly and attend to any questions you have along the way.

Benefits of the program:


-Schedule time convenient for you

-Practice skills to succeed long term

-Coaching for your individual situation



Includes programming for at least 3 workouts a week, lifestyle variable coaching, nutritional guidance and regular check ins

Having trained in the 1 on 1 in person capacity for many years I can speak to many of its pitfalls.

Firstly it’s expensive! Seeing a trainer 2x a week for a long period of time adds up! Secondly, trainers in person often work long hours and long days to train as many clients as possible to make ends meet. This often leaves us tired and underslept and not at our best. Not exactly what you want when you’re paying top dollar for training. Lastly, the reality is that such a large percentage of success in fitness goals is achieved outside of the gym and outside of the hours spent training. Many 1 on 1 trainers won’t have the time to address these other variables and help you with them. Also, many clients tend to use the fact that they trained in person with a trainer as an excuse to fall off on a lot of the other things they needed to be doing for their goals.

✔️Where Online Training Differs:

▪️It’s incredibly more cost effective. You’ll get a months worth of programs and coaching for what most people pay for just 1 session in person.

▪️You’ll get much more of my attention, focus and best efforts.

▪️The program will be comprehensive. It’ll include guidance on sleep, nutrition, behavior change/mindset and more.

▪️Sticking to and being successful with an online program provides more autonomy and confidence in the ability to maintain your own health. I never want anyone to become dependent upon my services but rather able to manage their own well being which is more impactful and long lasting.



Includes 3 virtual coaching sessions per month, supporting materials and regular check ins.

Let’s be honest. We all know that mindset and mental performance is the key to success in any area of our life. Change is hard and sometimes we can all benefit from some help. The reality is that there are specific strategies on how to set goals and change a behavior based on human psychology and physiology. Mastering this is crucial to making sustainable change and being successful. Whether the goal is increased focus, better adherence to your goals, Improved executive function or enhanced performance, ProActive can help.

Learn practical strategies for how to:

-Create an elite mindset

-Set the right goals and map out the plan to achieve them

-Build motivation and commitment to stick to your goals no matter what

-Maintain focus, self awareness and discipline.

-Break old desctructive habits and build new healthy ones

-Keep your cognitive function sharp


The Ultimate Program to help you create an individual preventative health approach.

For those that are serious about investing in their future health and well being


  • 90 min initial virtual consultation to assess key areas of health and wellness

  • Complete individualized ProActive program that will address: nutrition, stress management, biohacking, sleep, lifestyle, mindset and behavior, specific exercise programming and more.

  • Detailed reports and plans to give to and discuss with your healthcare team

  • Weekly Behavior Change Coaching Sessions.

  • Anytime access via email for questions and concerns

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who is serious about their health and wants to embrace the preventative approach.

  • Those who want to change their health but have had a hard time sticking to a program.

  • Adherence to a health outcome. Been given a lifestyle program from your doctor for blood pressure? diabetes? The hardest part is the follow through. This program walks you through how to stick to any health or wellness intervention.