Sleep Health Program

Sleep Health Program

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Amazing Breakthrough❗️❗️

✔️Scientists have discovered an incredible medicine/treatment that makes you live longer. It enhances your memory and makes you creative. It makes you look more attractive. It keeps you slim and lowers food cravings. It protects you from cancer and dementia. It wards off colds and the flu and lowers food cravings. It lowers your risk of heart attacks and stroke, not to mention diabetes. You'll even feel happier, less depressed and less anxious. Are you interested?


This medicine is sleep!


🔴The Ultimate program to educate you on sleep and how to optimize it for your life.

🔴It’s intuitive how important Sleep is. We know it and we’ve experienced it. While other variables may take a while before we really notice their impact on their life, Sleep is immediately noticeable. Not the right amount of sleep and it impacts everything about us. How we feel, how we think, how we interact with the ones we love, how we perform at work that day.

🔴Vetted by and compiled with Information from the true experts in the world of sleep.

🔴Sleep is your body’s health insurance policy and your natural performance enhancement drug.

🔴 It’s the most important piece of your health and it’s time we treat it as such 

🔴No longer will sleep take a back seat to exercise and nutrition. It sets the foundation for these and optimizes their benefits.

🔴 Let’s take a look at all the popular trends in fitness, health and wellness 

🔴 Sleep is truly the missing link to our health and wellness goals. If it’s not optimized we will NOT be as successful 

✔️Keto And Fasting as they relate to health and weight loss. Sleep is our body’s ultimate naturally designed fast where we get the metabolic benefits we seek from these approaches. Sleep will only enhance these processes 

✔️You can be healthy without fasting. You can’t be healthy without sleep 

✔️Autophagy, Senescence And Aging. Sleep has a causal directional relationship with our lifespan. In addition it impacts just about every aspect of our Healthspan that there is. Healthspan can be broken down into 1) Cognition, 2) Physical Capacity, 3) Stress Tolerance, 4) Purpose. Sleep directly impacts all 4 of these variables in a positive way when we get it. 

✔️Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase cellular senescence activity, decrease autophagy,  impact telomere length and cause DNA damage. Even just one night of PARTIAL sleep deprivation.

✔️Sleep directly impacts hormone levels that will dictate ability to lose weight, be at optimal health or perform at your best.

✔️Were trying to manipulate so many areas of our health and well being when in reality we have one lever that we can pull that enhances them all. 

Not to mention of all the things we want to change in our life and need to do for optimal health, Sleep is by far the most pleasant to do! Who doesn’t want a better night sleep!


Part of the problem with sleep is much like stress levels, our body sets a normal baseline for us that not meant to be optimal but it’s what you have to work with. The body forgets what optimal is and you’re always operating below that. Most people don’t even know what fully rested and having computer optimized sleep feels like any more. There’s a difference between having been in bed for 8 hours and truly getting good deep restful sleep that restores our mind and body 


This is program is comprehensive. This is not a simple list of 10 Sleep Hygiene tips that you can find anywhere on the internet. This is a deep dive into every facet of sleep from how/why it happens, to how to assess your sleep, to how individual processes and habits impact your sleep, to circadian biology and more.

 You’ll learn everything you wanted to know about this fascinating topic of sleep and more. 

Just some of the content we’ll cover:

▪️Sleep And it’s correlations to: 

✔️Aging And Longevity 

✔️Weight Loss

✔️Metabolic flexibility and health 

✔️Cardiovascular disease 

✔️Alzheimer’s And Cognitive Decline

✔️Memory and Learning



✔️Motivation And Mindset 

▪️Complete dive into what happens physiologically when we sleep

▪️The Importance of Sleep as the key regulator to your circadian rhythm. The importance of circadian biology for living your best life. Learn when to eat, sleep, work out, perform your most important work and more. 

▪️Assessment Strategies for determining your sleep baseline

▪️Screening For Sleep Disorders as well understanding what they are and how they occur.

▪️Determining if and when you should seek clinical health for sleep issues 

▪️The key takeaways from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (seemed by the national health institute as the go to first line of treatment for insomnia and sleep issues)

▪️How Behavior impacts Sleep and what we can do about it 

▪️Specific Exercise And Nutrition Plans/Strategies to optimize your sleep and in turn your health. 

▪️All the details on how lifestyle variables impact your sleep 

▪️Sleep biohack Strategies that work 

▪️Stress Management Techniques for Sleep Optimization  

▪️The truth about sleep aids and their effectiveness 

▪️How to set up your sleep “schedule” for best success

▪️How to optimize your bedroom environment

▪️Maximize sleeping with a partner

▪️Strategies to optimize your circadian rhythm 

▪️Resources to support your sleep journey:

-Sleep Diary 

-Supporting Educational Documents 

-Access to Discounts on Sleep Enhancement products that actually work

-6 week Sleep School Program to ensure you’re taking the right steps in the right order to truly improve your sleep and in turn your health



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