Be a part of the change the healthcare system needs!

The Healthcare system is broken and needs a change. Clients and patients are left to mange chronic disease reactively when it's often too late. They need to adopt and fully embrace a more proactive and preventative approach. In order to do this they need help. They need skilled practitioners who can help them manage their lifestyle, their behaviors and their full circle approach to health and wellness. 

The reality is that trainers and coaches are the ones who have the greatest potential to have this impact. People see trainers and coaches far more frequently than they would ever see a doctor or other practitioner. This gives coaches a massive opportunity to help revolutionize healthcare and drastically change the trajectory of chronic disease. The sad piece is there are many obstacles in their way. A lack of education on all the important variables of health and wellness, doctors who won't collaborate and healthcare reimbursement system that discounts what they do. 

The goal of this certification to help overcome these obstacles and provide you with the tools you need to interject yourself as a valuable healthcare practitioner.

In order to do that we're going to tackle every element of the system and surrounding variables to be successful. The goal is simple: help you be more well rounded in other avenues of health and wellness while providing practical strategies of how to be more involved.

Some of the topics to be covered:

  • Sleep Health

  • Nutrition for Longevity

  • Durability and Recovery

  • Behavioral Psychology: How to Facilitate Change

  • Strength Coaching/Training in an Integrated Model

  • Practical Strategies for How to Manage Clients Dealing with Pain

  • Using Lifestyle Interventions to Make a Difference in Autoimmune conditions

  • Detailed Explanation of the Healthcare System and How you can Make a Difference

  • From an MD's Perspective: What do we want in order to collaborate?

  • How to Embrace the Role of Being a  Healthcare Practitioner

  • Strategies to Help Clients Promote Long Term Cognitive Health

  • Tips from a Public Health Specialist: How to get involved in the community to promote health and wellness.

  • What to know about Insurance and Reimbursement Options

  • What can we gleam from the functional and integrative medicine spaces

  • Documenting as a means to Healthcare Communication

These topics will be covered by some of the top experts in their respective fields. They will each present on their topic, share their experience and provide practical strategies for you to implement into your coaching

The Content Experts:

  • Dr. Lisa Lewis-Behavior Change and Psychology

  • Dr. Jay Meyerson-Pain Management

  • Kevin Carr-Embracing the Role as a Healthcare Practitioner

  • Brendon Rearick-How to Be a Strength Coach in an Integrated Medical Model.

  • Allison Tanner-Understanding How You can Impact Autoimmune Conditions and Chronic Disease

  • Sarah Jamieson-The Importance of Durability for Long Term Health