• Nick Lambe

Reverse Engineering How You Want To Age

How you ever thought about the aging process? What it will be like? What you will and won’t be able to do as you get older? I know I have. What you probably haven’t contemplated is how much influence you have over aging. The idea that you can have control and autonomy over all the facets of how you age. I truly believe this is possible and that we can live life and age on our own terms. In order to do this though, we must first look at things through the right lens and have a construct for how to do. We have to reverse engineer the aging process and all that it’s involved with it.

What do you want to be able to do when you’re 100? I think we should start here because this should be the goal. To age gracefully and live our best life at 100 years old. If that’s not the goal then what’s the point right!? So take the time to really visualize what your perfect life at 100 looks like. Cover as many details as possible. What are you able to do? What hobbies have you taken up? How do you spend your days? Start writing these things down and compiling a comprehensive list. Make it individual to you and what’s ultimately most important.

Now we begin the reverse engineering process. We have to work backwards from 100 to where you are now and define what benchmarks must be reached every step along the way. In order to get to that perfect aging life at 100 doing all the things you want, what must be accomplished by 90? 70? 50? And so on. You bring it all the way back to where you are currently until you can define what must be done this week. Today. To begin the process towards your optimal aging. I firmly believe this should be our sport. What we train for, what we strive for and emphasize. The sport of life. Not to say that other fitness, health and wellness goals aren’t important but we only get one life and we deserve to live it on our own terms, including how we age and what we’re able to. Our life is an accumuluation of the things we do every day. The decisions we make and the inputs we give shape our future. This is the lens we should view aging rather than some inevitable destiny that we have no autonomy over.

Typical Aging Goals:

-Some typical goals of aging to kickstart your thought process (although this should be what’s important to you!)

-Cognitive abilities and sharpness

-Freedom of pain

-Functional Movement activities

-Play with grandkids

-Decreased doctor visits

-Strength to lift things


Goal: To be able to get off the ground with only one hand support


At age 50: 10 turkish get ups each side with 6KG kettlebell

At age 70: 6 turkish get ups per side bodyweight

At age 90: 1 turkish get up per side bodyweight

At age 100: Able to get up off the ground with minimal hand support

Now: As part of training routine now, incorporate turkish get ups at least 1x a week

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