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Healthspan vs. Lifespan

Healthspan + Lifespan=Longevity 

The difference between healthspan and lifespan is really a matter of quality vs. quantity of life. Lifespan is actual quantity of how long we live while healthspan is the measure of our quality of life. Much of the healthcare industry is set up to extend lifespan while healthspan often gets lost in translation. Success in medicine is measured by extension of lifespan but the reality rates of chronic continue to rise.

Healthspan is the length of our life that we spend free of disease, sickness and disability.

-Unfortunately the typical aging trajectory has a diminished Healthspan where too large of a percentage of the end of our life is spent dealing with disease. 

❗️Estimates have the average person spending around 25% of their life dealing with chronic disease. 

What is Healthspan?

🔴When talking about Healthspan there are 4 many elements we’re concerned with that relate to quality of life.

1️⃣ Cognitive Function

2️⃣ Physical Capacity 

3️⃣ Stress Tolerance 

4️⃣ Purpose And Support

🔴 The health decisions we make have to keep these things in mind. 

The Goal:

🔴 Die Young as Late as Possible..

Our approach to health and wellness should be centered around trying to accomplish 3 things:

🔴Delay the rate of decline in the aging process 

🔴Significantly compress the period in which we are dealing with disability and disease 

🔴 Increase lifespan (years alive)

ProActive Health And Wellness is centered around 5 fundamental pillars to improve our healthspan:

1️⃣ Mindset

2️⃣ Sleep 

3️⃣ Nutrition 

4️⃣ Physical Health 

5️⃣ Stress/Management  

A tangible, practical strategy for each to start to improve Healthspan?

🔴Mindset ➡️ Take the time to define what is most important. The WHY behind your goals and health decisions. This will drive a positive mindset and better adherence to goals

🔴 Sleep ➡️ Respect the importance of your circadian rhythm (24 hour internal clock that coincides with your environment). Get daylight early and preserve darkness at night. Keep your wake up times regular.

🔴 Nutrition ➡️ Be mindful of insulin. Sugar and excess carbs drive insulin levels up which can have a multitude of negative implications on our health. Gradually decrease your current intake.

🔴 Physical Health ➡️ Find and routinely implement a DAILY movement practice. You don’t have to exercise vigorously every day but you do need to move. Look up CARs from the Functional Range Conditioning System as Joint health is a good place to start 

🔴 Stress Management ➡️ Breathe intentful every day. It’s the only conscious window we have into regulating stress in our nervous system on a second by second basis. Aim for 4-7-8 (4 sec inhale through nose, 7 sec calm breath hold and 8 sec exhale)

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