The Ultimate Resource to help you take control of your health, fight back against chronic disease and enjoy your best quality of life.

Education + Empowerment=The Path to Optimal Health

Tens of video mini courses that educate you on every aspect of health and well being to put you in the driver's seat to your future health. Also includes: discounts to a multitude of services, products and platforms.

Goals: So much information that could apply to many different goals as can be seen below but mostly centered around aiming to improve longevity (how long we live, how we live along the way and the rate at which we age)

1) Increase lifespan and try to stave chronic disease

2) Increase Healthspan therefore improving quality of life as you age 

3) Feel better

4) More energy 

5) Decreased Pain 

6) Improved Sleep 

7) Enhanced mood 

8) Improved Body Composition

9) Mental Focus and Clarity 

10) Improve performance (performance being relative to life or sport) 

Assessment System:

Areas to determine where to focus:

1) Health Knowledge 

2) Mindset and Mental Performance 

3) Nutrition 

4) Sleep 

5) Stress and Stress Management 

6) ProActive vs. Reactive Approach to Health

7) Exercise Routine 

8) Joy/Self Purpose 

Includes The Mental Performance System:

🔴This is in my opinion the most exciting piece of the membership. Behavior change, motivation and mindset are absolutely the keys to success in really any venture in life. The mind game is the most damaging when it holds you back but it’s also the most beneficial when you optimize it. Regardless of the goal (healthier, weight loss, increased energy, more muscle), the right mindset and behavior change MUST be achieved in order to achieve SUSTAINABLE success.

🔴Included in the Membership is a coaching system designed to take you through the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of the most important elements of mental performance. Things like motivation and commitment, discipline, focus, mindfulness and mindset. The coaching provides you tangible, actionable things you can do to ensure you master the mind and how it relates to your goals.

Updated Monthly:

-New mini courses and content

-Weekly Mobility and Joint Health Class

-Presentations and Interviews with Content Experts who are the best in their field.

-Podcast episodes on variety of topics

-New Practical Takeaways

Just some of the mini courses currently included in the membership:

-Sleep Health Optimization

-Aerobic Health

-Battling Physical Decline

-The Longevity Equation

-Practical Strategies for Nutrition

-Breathing for Overall Health

-How to Create Behavior Change

-Understanding Chronic Disease 

-Understanding and Managing Pain

-Practical Strategies for Long Term Cognitive Health

-Core Training: How to 

-Practical: How to Safely and Effectively Strength

-Road Maps for Specific Goals (Fat Loss, Improved Health, More Energy, and more)

-Epigenetics: How YOU can influence Your Future Health

-Food is Medicine

-Heart Rate Variability: How to Objectively Measure your Own

-Understanding and Managing Stress

-Keto Coach Program:Everything you Need to Know

-Coach in a Course Program (everything you would get from working with a coach on your health)

-Meditation: How to Practically Implement 

-Preventative Measures you Can Be Taking for your Health

-Reverse Engineering the Aging Process

-Training for the Sport of Life

-How to Use Breathing to Improve Health

-Anatomy and Physiology Lessons

and so many more! Content updated weekly.

Habit Road Maps/Plans:

-The mind works best when it's only asked to change one thing and focus on thing. This relates to completely overhauling our health. It's tempting to want to tackle all of these things at once. But in order to have sustainable change it's best to do one thing at a time.

-ProActve Health and Wellness has laid out 3, 6 and 12 month road maps.

-You'll focus on each habit for 2 weeks at a time before moving to the next and be given practical how to dos for each.


ProActive Health and Wellness 6 Month Habit Building Plan (focus on each habit/section for 2 weeks and that habit only)—26 weeks 

Habit 1: Understand the ProActive Health and Wellness Mindset

Habit 2: Figure out your why/Goal Setting 

Habit 3: Practice the Mental Performance Coaching Part 1

Habit 4: Practice the Mental Performance Coaching Part 2

Habit 5: Prioritize Sleep Hygiene

Habit 6: Breathing and Stress Management 

Habit 7: Daily Joint Health 

Habit 8: Aerobic Health 

Habit 9: Nutrition and Inflammation

Habit 10: HRV

Habit 11: Cognitive Health Practices 

Habit 12: Health And Fitness Tracking 

Habit 13: Strength Training

Incentives for Success:

-At the end of the day, the goal of this membership is for you to be successful and accomplish better health. I don't want this to be like a gym membership that people sign up for and never use.

-For that reason I've created educational tracks for you to complete. For completion, there will be a multitute of rewards (free membership, free products, etc.) This ensures you'll go through the necessary material and grasp it enough to implement into your life.

*I'm also currently working on fostering relationships with unique healthcare and insurance companies that reimburse and significantly decrease costs for those who demonstrate a proactive health approach.

What Type of Learner are You?

There's a ton of information in this membership. I've included a section to help you determine what type of learner you are and how to best utilize the membership and what's included. Whether you're the type that would prefer just to know exactly WHAT to do or would rather know WHY such interventions are important, there's something for you.

Other Things Included in Membership:

-Handbooks and Ebooks for many of the major health topics covered (sleep, HRV, biomarkers, fasting/keto, corrective exercise protocols)

-Health Book Club (reviews and summaries of the most recent and relevant health books)

-Self Hacking Experiments (I don't recommend what I don't test. A window into my health metrics and the results I get with trying different biohacks and interventions)

-Life Goal Creator (a system that helps you determine tangible and powerful goals for your health and life in general while laying out a plan to accomplish them)

-Opportunities for discounted accountability coaching and access to in person events soon to be scheduled around the world.

-Pre-designed done for you exercise programs for: working around injury, HIIT, intro to strength training, and more)

-Regular Health Challenges within the group to build camraderie and accountability.


  • Elite HRV (tracking platform and products)

  • Inside Tracker (a more detailed and thorough blood analysis for health and performance)

  • Precision Nutrition Pro Coach (the most effective nutrition and habit coaching program)

  • 23 and me (genetic testing)

  • Telomere Length Tests (a marker for longevity and health)

  • Ziva Meditation (an effective and easy to implement meditation technique)

  • Polar Heart Rate Monitors

  • Sleep Tracking Products (oura ring, fitbit, etc.)

  • Blue Block Glasses

  • Stick Mobility Products

  • Variety of health and performance supplements