ProActive Health and Wellness is centered around education and empowerment to embrace the proactive approach to health. To help you get ahead of chronic disease and live your best life.

Chronic Disease is our greatest threat and continues to grow. The reactive healthcare system doesn't have an answer to this problem. Let's consider some statistics:

  • Chronic disease affects 1 out of 2 Americans and causes seven out of every 10 deaths.

  • 100 million Americans have either prediabetes or diabetes

  • 50 million Americans (approximately one in six) have an Autoimmune disease.

  • Alzheimer's disease number of incidences has increased by 89 percent since 2000 and continues to become more prevelant.

The answer to this problem lies in every individual taking control over their own health. Educating themselves about health and the interventions available to make informed proactive decisions. This is something I truly believe that everyone is capable of. We don't have to go through life waiting for the onset of chronic disease. We can take action TODAY.

An estimated 80% of chronic disease and decreases in quality of life associated with them are preventable. Enter the ProActive approach. Research continues to lifestyle interventions being the only way to get ahead of this.

The reality is that that is difficulty for 2 reasons: 1) Change is hard, 2) There's a lot of bad and misleading information out there. The ProActive approach addresses

these obstacles by providing you practical strategies to help you change while giving the you the best information about health. Education on the why, what and how of lifestyle interventions.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela

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